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Luckiest man in the world

February 15, 2014

luckiest man


Read the weird facts: There are many fortunate things or misfortunes in the world, naturally, there are also lucky men and unlucky men. If there is a man who sets fortunate things all in him, then he must be the luckiest man in the world, this man named Frane Selak, he is a Croatian music teacher who had 7 narrow escape in the accidents and then won the lottery of $1 million! This is the most amazing story ever.

In 1962, he was traveling on a train from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik, then the train was derailed and fell into a cold river, 17 passengers were killed. Selak managed to reach the shore in the end, even though he had been hurt that his arm got a fracture.

One year later, he suffered an air disaster, Selak was sucked out of the airplane after the door of the plane flew away, it's scary, but Selak woke up and found himself lying in a hospital bed, it turned out that he dropped on a haystack.  Luckily it is just like a nightmare.

In 1966, Selak was slightly hurt and escaped from a bus accident. Do not underestimate the accident, the bus dropped into a river, 4 people were killed.

In 1970, his car was on fire, he got out the car before it blew up.

In 1973, Selak was driving a car, then deficient fuel line made gas was sprayed over the engine, then flames whistled past air vents, His only loss was that he lost most of his hair.

In 1995, he got hit by a bus, luckily, he was only hurt a little.

In 1996, Selak was driving on a winding mountain road, when he turned the corner, he saw an oncoming truck, he jumped out his car and, then the car broke through a guardrail and blew up in the place which was 300 feet away from him.  

  In 2003, Selak was 74 years old, it was the first time that Selak bought a lottery ticket in 40 years, how fortunate he won $1 million.

This is crazy, Frane Selak is really a incredible man. 

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